Pay It Forward



Pay it Forward to the community on October 11. We encourage everyone to reach out into the community with the Love of Christ by simply purchasing someones meal, or be creative by sneaking a blessing to an unsuspecting person in your own way. We look forward to hearing the testimonies about the tremendous impact that you experience. Don’t be shocked by the open door of ministry that you will see.

Low Cost Ideas
  • Leave cookies and a note for your mailman
  • Take treats to the fire department or police station thanking them for their service
  • Take flowers to the hospital to be given to those who would enjoy them
  • Leave change taped to the vending machine for someone to buy a drink or snack.
  • Make a donation to a food pantry
  • Leave a gift for the waitress
  • Bring a box of doughnuts to share at work
  • Buy lunch or coffee for the person behind you in line
  • Send a care package to a soldier
  • Bake brownies for your neighbor
  • Put gas in someones car
  • Treat someone to lunch
Free Ideas
  • Write encouraging notes to your boss, teachers, leaders
  • Move shopping carts from the parking spaces at Walmart
  • Run an errand for someone who is busy
  • Pick up trash
  • Smile at everyone, pass out compliments
  • Let someone go in front of you in the check out line
  • Be friendly driver
  • Donate old clothes