The Initiative 2014


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The Initiative is a 21-day effort of focusing upon the simplicity and power in fasting, prayer, and reading the Bible aloud. Moreover, throughout the entire month of January, we’re asking our congregation to attend every service in January at Azalea City to establish proper habits at the beginning of the new year. Fasting will begin on January 6 and will conclude at the beginning of our evening service on January 26. Scripture reading will begin January 20 and conclude the evening of January 24.

What kind of fasts are allowed?
We’re not setting a criteria on what fast you participate in. We’re just asking you stay committed from January 6 until January 26. Seek God and allow him to lead your heart for what is best for your life right now.

I’m not sure of how many fast types are available. Do you have a list?
Yes. There is a comprehensive list of fasts at Connection Pointe to help in your choice. You can grab one today.

I‘d like to read scripture. Where do I volunteer?
You can sign up at Connection Pointe for a time slot. Make sure to be on time for your slot.

Why are we reading scripture aloud? Can’t I just read it silently?
Our interaction with Scripture can be expressed in many ways, and one of the most powerful ways is reading the Bible aloud. Scripture itself is full of instances that illustrate the power of what is spoken aloud, whether the words come from the mouth of God or the mouths of human beings. In Genesis 1, God speaks the world into existence. In Nehemiah 8, they speak it to bring clarity and revival to the people. When Jesus announced his ministry and the reason he had come, he chose to do it while reading the Bible aloud (Luke 4). The gospel of John explains beautifully that the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us in the person of Jesus (John 1:1 – 14). We believe this will be an awesome experience for everyone that participates.

Can I just come and listen to others read the scripture aloud?
Of course! Just come during one of our designated reading times.