Friends & Family 2013


We want you at Friends and Family Day 2013! This day is one like no other service at Azalea City. This year, we’ll be focusing  on the concept of “Rise Up!” Here’s an idea about what we’re talking about.

Now, we won’t be focusing on our beloved Falcons, but the context is still the same.

In your life, do you feel you’ve been knocking on the door of possibility, but nothing seems to ever go your way?

Do you feel like you’re alone and there is no one who wants to see you succeed?

Don’t you think it’s time? Time for less excuses and more possibilities? Time to realize you can be a part of a community who wants to see what you are capable of?

On this Sunday, we’ll be taking a close look on how Christ compels us to “rise up” in his vision for our life and how it changes us forever.

Make plans to be at Azalea City on February 3. It’s time.

(Services for Azalea City begin at 11am. There will a preservice at 10:45am. Also, there will be free lunch right after service! Free!)