Encounter Groups


What are Encounter Groups?

Encounter Groups will take studying the Word of God into an interactive setting. Group Leaders will take children and adults on an exciting journey through scripture that will equip them with the tools needed to live a spirit-filled life.

What Can I Expect?

Encounter Groups were formed with the understanding that not everyone responds the same to traditional teaching methods when studying scripture. Encounter Groups provide options for you and your family. For adults, there will be four simultaneous groups that will talk about a similar topic, but each with a different mindset.

There will be a group that explores passages of scripture from the Bible (e.g., The Armor of God, Beatitudes, etc). In another group, there will be a topic study to discuss a concept that applies to daily life. Then we’ll have one group that examines books from popular Christian authors. Finally, our last group will have traditional curriculum to learn from scripture.

The goal for Encounter Groups is to learn scripture in creative, engaging, and interactive ways. To do this, each group leader will be outfitted with iPads and televisions along with apps to help stimulate scripture in brand-new ways. Moreover, each group leader will continue to look for innovative approaches in how to teach their material.

Encounter Groups will start at 10am. To find what group you should attend, go to Connection Pointe.