Back to School Bash


On August 5, Azalea City is sending EVERYONE back to school! That’s right! Every boy, girl, man and woman is going back to the exciting (or not so exciting) memories of high school. And to make it feel just right, we want everyone to dress like they did the day the graduated!

How high did your jeans go? Was there a poodle on your skirt? Did you have a mohawk? Bring it back! No matter the year or decade, we want to see you in your high school best. And that’s not all! After service, we’re turning our Family Life Center into the ultimate lunchroom. Even with authentic lunchroom personnel. (Hairnet, anyone?) However, we promise the food will be better.

So you have no excuse! Come out on August 5 for our morning service at 11am to go back to school!