Epic (Grade 7-12)

What is the purpose for your student’s life? Is it to make straight A’s or play baseball? Is it to be lead chair in the band or play video games? What is the reason? Life is something we often take for granted. Our God, the one who made the universe just by speaking words, created us for a purpose. That purpose is to worship Him. Our life should revolve around that. And that doesn’t mean on our face or hands raised all the time. Let everything we do be to glorify God. Catching a touchdown. Getting a raise. Cleaning someone’s yard. Fixing your car. These small tasks can all be attributed to God and to His glory. Epic is making the purpose of our ministry to help your student live this life of worship and understand how it affects their relationship with God. And we’re pretty excited about that. Our services are on Wednesday night at 7pm in our Epic Center. Our Cafe is open from 6:15 until service begins.