Nursery (Birth – 30 months)

Royal Cribs and Carriages

Our infant nursery, birth to 30 months, provides a clean, loving environment in which short segments in Biblical principles are introduced to our youngest Kingdom Kids.

Safety and care are VERY important to us! We have check-in and out stations as well as security patrolled children’s areas for the protection of our kids.

Tiny Knights & Maidens (2.5 – 3 years old)

A place just for our most energetic little members! From the time they arrive for Encounter Groups until your service is over, our toddlers never leave their area! With adjoining rooms, one for learning and one for toddler sized fun, your child will enjoy building a foundation in who they are as a Child of God as well as a time for snacks and playing in their own environment.

Courtyard Kids (Pre-K – Kindergarten)

We feel that our Pre-K and Kindergarten students are very much a part of two separate worlds , and so, we want to give them the best of both! While they have begun their school careers they still need time to be themselves! They will enjoy a relaxed time of age appropriate activities while building on the Biblical principles that truly make them children of God.

Kingdom Kids, Azalea City Church of God, Valdosta GA

Kingdom Kids (Grades 1 – 6)

Here in Kingdom Kids, we are on a mission to give students a solid foundation in the Word of God, to help them develop a personal relationship with Him, to encourage them to enrich that relationship through prayer, praise & worship, and life application of the Word.

Safety and care are VERY important to us! We have check-in and out stations as well as security patrolled children’s areas for the protection of our kids.

1st through 6th grade students are the core of our world! As we step into our sanctuary, nothing stands between us and focusing on God. We truly want God to rock our world as we praise and worship Him!

We want Him to fill us with Godly wisdom and knowledge through object lessons, skits and creative thinking messages from His Word.

Set Apart

Set apart is our Wednesday night discipleship program for all of Kingdom Kids. As children of God we are called to be a part of the world, yet set apart from it.

Students are encouraged to dive into the practical aspects of the Bible for their daily lives. They are divided into classes by grade and 1st-6th grade classes are also divided again into all girl and all boy groups.

Salt Shakers

Our 4th-6th grade students have an opportunity to become student leaders within Kingdom Kids. These students take on the responsibility of assisting with our services as well as training and preparing themselves to continue along paths of leadership. Students must fill out an application as well as an interview process before becoming a Salt Shaker.

Imprint Crew

99% of our staff are volunteers! These are wonderful people who have heard the call of God to train His children in His ways and have responded, giving countless hours to encourage, train, teach and love our Kingdom Kids. From teachers to the snack crew; each strives to leave an imprint of the love of God upon each child they encounter.